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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yeast Infection Cream Best Reviews

Yeast infection creams are among the most commonly used treatments used to fight yeast infections. The average woman will have one or two (or possibly more) yeast infections in their lifetime so it's important that you know what to do and how to treat it.
It used to be the case that these were only available on prescription. These days however they can be easily bought over the counter. They work using an anti-fungal action and most of them are from the "azole" family of drugs.
You simply apply the cream inside the vagina as directed and normally for several days.
Some women prefer to use anti-fungal suppositories instead. These are inserted into the vagina where they slowly release the anti-fungal drug over a period of time. They are available in a variety of doses and activation times. Some women prefer the slower release drugs as they are not as strong as others.
Oral Drugs
Although most women use topical treatments such as those already mentioned, others may be given capsules to be swallowed instead. These are normally only available by prescription, depending on where you live. They are normally only given in women who have recurrent episodes of yeast infections, especially those for whom it recurs at least 4 times in a year.
Many women do not wish to use pharmaceutical or synthetic drugs due possible side effects. Others may have recurrent infections for which drugs do not seem to work at keeping infection at bay. Natural treatments can be successful where drugs are not.

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