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Friday, 30 March 2012


Depending on what part of your body is infected with ringworm, the type of anti-fungal cream for skin infection will determine the length of time it takes to fully cure yourself. Ringworm can take up to ten weeks to cure with a conventional treatment that is prescribed by your doctor.
A scalp ringworm cure from your doctor is likely to other be a shampoo and an oral anti-fungal drug. The oral anti-fungal is needed because the shampoo in ineffective on its own for the reason it cannot penetrate your scalp to fully cure the infection.
Skin fungal infections are usually curable in about 4 weeks with a prescription of anti-fungal cream for skin infection medication. If the ringworm is not treated successfully with the anti-fungal cream for skin infection ointment, then an oral drug will be prescribed. In other instances, to relieve the symptoms of the ringworm, a corticosteroid cream may be prescribed as well.
Lot of medicinal herbs and plants were cited as effective cure too, but I will discuss these in another post. Black walnut, grape fruit seed extract, fig leaf juice, and tea tree oil are a few of these natural remedies mentioned.
It's the human body we're talking about here, after all. Caution should be the rule of thumb. There's no denying that many of these simple home cures actually work - for some people. But each of us has our own peculiar set of physiological traits and allergies, quite different from the next John or Jane Doe. Our bodies, or to be more specific, our skins react differently to different substances. What I'm saying is that the home-spun ringworm treatment that worked for your neighbour might not actually work for you.  
The best recommendation I can make for you based on the testimonial from most people can be found at anti-fungal cream for skin infection.

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